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  • 2019 Interview with the succesful band „Bastille“ camera: Christian Behring

  • Interview with Singer-Songwriter „ Lewis Capaldi“, „on tour“ with the Band "Bastille"
    camera: Christian Behring

  • Channel / Production companies

  • diverse / diverse /

  • InterviewwithPatrickMöllekenandAdiWojaczek,Film„Eswirdbesser“(„It diverse/ will get better") at the filmfestival in Berlin
    camera: Christian Behring

  • 2018 preparation for an exclusive „ Home Story“ in the USA, about NBA player „Dennis Schröder“

  • Exclusiv Interview with previous soccerplayer „Ailton“, topic „ stars and fashion“
    camera: Andre Kastenbein

  • Interview with soccer player „Diego Fagundez“, New England Revolution, USA - Major League Soccer (MLS)

  • Interviews on the red carpet „Das Parfum“, Premiere for a german tv series on ZDF
    camera: Christian Behring

  • 2017 „Stars For Free“, Interviews with International and national stars, as well as USA Band „Welshley Arms“, Youtube Twins „Lochis“, Singer „Adel Tawil“ camera: Christian Behring

  • Interview with "Lee Mack Ritenour" US-Jazz-Gitarrist, composer and Producer. "On tour" with "Dave Grusin"
    camera: Christian Behring

  • Interview with Duo Band "Jonah"

  • camera: Christian Behring

  • Interviews from the premiere of the cinema movie "JUGEND OHNE GOTT"

  • with Alica von Rittenberg and Jannik Schu mann camera: Christian Behring

  • Red carpet interviews for the cinema movie premiere "MAGICAL MYSTERY"

  • with Charly Hübner and Detlev Buck camera: Christian Behring

  • Red carpet interviews for the world premiere cinema movie "ATOMIC BLONDE" in Berlin, such as lead actress: "Charlize Theron" , Sofia Boutella, Til Schweiger & Barbara Sukova
    camera: Christian Behring

  • Red carpet interviews for the world premier cinema movie "Valerian"

  • camera : Christian Behring

  • Interview with the band "Legendary", successful lndie-Rock-Hymne

  • camera: Christian Behring

  • Interview with director "Paul Haggis", Oscar Winner for the Film "Crash" camera: Christian Behring

  • Interview with german "Schlager" legend "Bernhard Brink"

  • camera: Christian Behring

  • Interview with german pop singer "Ben Zucker"

  • camera: Christian Behring

  • Diverse/youtube channel: „ Julia Helbich“

  • Diverse/youtube channel: „ Julia Helbich“ diverse /





  • 2016

  • Interview with young singer "Elif", participated in the show Popstars in germany
    camera: Christian Behring

  • Red carpet Interviews for the world premiere cinema movie: HANNI & NANNI

  • – Mehr als beste Freunde
    Such as Katharina Thalbach, Maria Schrader, Henry Hübchen, Jessica Schwarz, Sascha Vollmer, Julia Koschitz,...
    camera: Christian Behring

  • Master of Ceremony for the "Cosmo Night", lions cosmopolitan club bremen Event: 100 years anniversary for the worldwide lions club
    camera : William Dubas

  • Interview with singer „James Maslow“, former Singer and actor from „Big Time Rush“
    camera: Christian Behring

  • Interview with the band „Johnnyswim“, singers „Amber Ramirez“ and „Amanda Susane Ramirez“
    camera: Christian Behring

  • exclusive Interview with professional footballer „Claudio Pizarro“, in english and german, plays for 1. bundesliga german soccer league and peru national footballteam
    camera: Ronald W edekind

  • TV Host "The Voice Kids 2016" Weserpark Bremen, with Winner Lukas and more
    camera: Jan-Hendrik Hübsch

  • Volunteer engagement and support of „international Day of Peace“ - Shaktya e.V.
    camera: André Kastenbein

  • Interviews from the premiere of the cinema movie “Rockabilly Requiem”

  • camera: William Dubas

  • Exclusive interview with young talent/singer „Shanice“ A. Özbicer

  • Participant in the final of the Castingshow „The Voice Kids“ 2016 camera: Ronald W edekind

  • Broadcasting for the radio station „CSRN“, „Gadsby ́s England Show “(England vs Germany) „European championship (EC)“, international match/ teams analyzing in english (USA radio station CSRN)

  • TV report "sixdays Bremen", opening / final, interviews with various "celebrities" such as the daughter of "Wolfgang Joop" designer "Jette Joop" actress "Sandra Quadflieg" and sports moderator "Jörg Wontorra"

  • Exclusive interview with NBA player, "Dennis Schröder" in english and german
    camera: Ronald W edekind

  • Exclusive interview with "Tyrus Thomas", a former NBA player / player for the first Bundesliga team „Eisbären Bremerhaven“
    camera: Ronald W edekind

  • TV report and Interview with „Lorenzo Williams“, player for the first Bundesliga Team Eisbären Bremerhaven
    camera: André Kastenbein

  • Exclusive Iinterview with „Liviu Calin“, former coach and discoverer from NBA player „Dennis Schröder“
    camera: Ronald W edekind

  • TV reports „Halloween Bremen“

  • camera: André Kastenbein

  • TV reports „Osterwiese Bremen“

  • camera: André Kastenbein
    Various Interviews for the UK & USA in english

  • TV reports basketball games – reports for the first national german basketball league


2019 Sons of the Father character: Emma (Hauptrolle)

director: Sue Ann Taylor

Der Fochmann-Code

character: Sabine Fochmann (Hauptrolle) director: David Wuerdemann

2018 The Expacts (independent movie) character: Henrietta

director: Jasmin S. Greene, Martinique Hines (as Marti Hines)


character: Julia(Hauptrolle) director: Omer Sarikaya

2017 Water (Fuerteventura) character: Jane (lead role)

director: Adrian Tejero

2016 Mensch Gottschalk (Trailer for the tv show with Thomas Gottschalk) character: counterpart

director: Volker Hundertmark

TV/ cinema commercial for the german shoe store chain „Schuhhaus Steffens" character: customer
director: David Würdemann

2015 Music video „Lenny Morris“ Signale (prod. Jumpa) - Bronze EP character: flame woman

director: alexander arndt

2014 Lügen und andere Wahrheiten character: saleswoman

director: Vanessa Joop

2013 Zimmermädchen (feature film) character: boutique employee

director: Ingo Haeb

2012 Tatort: Puppenspieler (tv crime series) character: bad agent

director: Florian Baxmeyer

2011 Wasser unter der Brücke (Insomnambulists) character: actress

director: Jay Spencer

2010 Glanz und Gloria (tv movie) character: chief secretary

director: Dieter W edel

Haltet die Welt an (feature film)

character: young mother director: Hartmut Griesmeyer

Tatort: Schiffe versenken (tv crime series)

character: business woman director: Florian Baxmeyer

TV Commercial Eucerin

2009 Tatort: Tote Männer (tv crime series) character: service woman “Katja“

director: Thomas Jauch

Tatort: Wahlverwandtschaften (tv crime series)

character: policewoman director: Torsten Nähter

Summertime Blues (tv movie)

character: party guest director: Marie Reich

Musikvideo „Wahrheit“

character: singer director: Hassan Annouri


2014  MBA in Global Management: International cooperation network of the German football Association (DFB and FIFA) with focus on the World Cup 2014 in Brazil as a model partner. Development of appropriate guideline for achieving mutual benefits in partnerships
Summa Cum Laude

05/2006BA Salem State College, Salem MA, Boston USA – Athletic Scholarship Cum Laude

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